Friday, January 1, 2010

In the begining...

There was a seed that was planted, and that seed was fertilized by the many creative mums i have seen in various forums. I never liked sewing before, back in high school i tried to sew a shirt for my sewing class and it looked like a real crappy smock.

Many moons later i re picked up the knitting needle ( childhood memory... my nan used to teach me to knit. i remember running up to her with my ball of wool unraveling as i was asking her to fix the dropped stitches. ) I first practiced by making scarves as one does. Then i attempted a few child sized jumpers. Now i am making dresses and knitted toys.

Being inspired i have searched blogs and threads all dedicated to being crafty. This has inspired me to attempt sewing again and now i have been bitten by the sewing bug. Until i create more items and place them on this new blog i shall link to my crafts.

Until later...

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