Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chalk mat cases.

After making a chalk mat for the birthday girl on the weekend, i thought what kind of mother would i be if i did not make one for my own children. So that was Today's project, the kids chose the material they wanted from my stash and away i went.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally an update on my sewing!!!!

Will start with the ones i have accomplished a while ago till now. Wish i could post something else but since i am doubling up on my swap for a present for someone i cant publish the pressie yet.

The door stopper that could have been filled more so.

An altered jeans that was too small for Zach and had a hole in the legs to make a skirt for Kaela

A bigger marble bag for Kaela, hope they don't get any more marbles!!

My 2010 challenge (January- something for me)
I needed a little bag to go out when i do not need a huge bag incase the kids need me to hold something!

There are 2 sections that will have a fastener of some sort, the pocket on the flap is for my mobile phone.

Present for a 5 year old - chalk mat roll.

My first ever attempt at adding a zip, am very proud of myself.

EB sneak peek sew swap.

Sorry the pic is a tad blurry.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unleash the mayhem

Last night i finished making a door stopper, am not really happy with it as it is not filled tightly. I might use sand next time instead of rice. The rice is filled with lavender which i assume is to ensure mice are not attracted.

I have some hours to myself, no kids! So i had a nice visit to spotlight and bought some lovely material to begin a craft swap, something for me challenge, a bigger marble bag for Kaela and new baby gift.

So off the comp i get and start getting busy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lost my marbles!

I began last night and stuffed up the first bag, i accidentally sewed the outer piece inside out. So was fed up with that one so started on the one for Zach. That bag was made with no problems what so ever.


Tonight i start on Kaela's bag again, and the problems just kept rolling in again....

thread keeps falling out of needle, thread broke! bobbin finished. And even though i used the same piece to cut all my fabric when i sew the two sides together at final stage they did not line up properly.


But you know what.. it is done and Kaela would no doubt not care about my mistakes.

So here they are:

The one on the left is the jinxed one!
Other side of animal pouch

Sunday, January 3, 2010

losing my marbles!

Well i will if i find any more marbles being scattered through the house!

Hubby thought it was a good idea to teach the kids how to play a game of marbles. Of course that led to who had the most marbles so a few extra bags were bought Today. After splitting them up evenly amongst Zach and Kaela, hubby raided the container cupboard then pronounced that mummy can make some marble bags.

Cool i have a project to do!

So after googling ideas i decided how easy it was, and promptly sewed the lining and outer inside out! Grrr take 2! I now have 1 finished marble bag and thought i will finish the second one Tomorrow.

Must admit it is nice to do small projects that don't take long, and to achieve a big smile and even bigger smile when Zach realised that his bag can close.

Will take pics after the 2nd one is finished.

Friday, January 1, 2010

In the begining...

There was a seed that was planted, and that seed was fertilized by the many creative mums i have seen in various forums. I never liked sewing before, back in high school i tried to sew a shirt for my sewing class and it looked like a real crappy smock.

Many moons later i re picked up the knitting needle ( childhood memory... my nan used to teach me to knit. i remember running up to her with my ball of wool unraveling as i was asking her to fix the dropped stitches. ) I first practiced by making scarves as one does. Then i attempted a few child sized jumpers. Now i am making dresses and knitted toys.

Being inspired i have searched blogs and threads all dedicated to being crafty. This has inspired me to attempt sewing again and now i have been bitten by the sewing bug. Until i create more items and place them on this new blog i shall link to my crafts.

Until later...