Sunday, February 14, 2010

now i can post my other creation

For the eb swap i made my partner a care package for their up coming birth of a little man, i also have a cousin who is due with her fist born son so i doubled up everything i made. So i had to wait till the eb swap was complete before showing my work.

These are wee tee pee's, found them on this site make it and love it and thought lol how cute.

Some burp cloths

Nappy bag that is lined with towelling

My Eb swap was Paris-stella and you can see the items i made for Jen on her blog

EB sewing swap

I have recieved from Mellie these lovely made crayon rolls that the kids love already to bits!
And gorgeous material for me to make something special with.

Thank you Mellie :)

I forgot to take pics of the finished product of the items i sent to my person.. ooppps