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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time to update again!

I've actually been fairly creative lately. Trying my hand at different projects. Which is good as when i am being creative my mind is stimulated and helps me get out of the depression phase. That and when i create i don't reach for comfort food. Here is some pics of what i have created. Minus some pj's i made for Zach.

This is my first pair of earrings i made! And the start of a new obsession lol

Zach wearing his new dinosaur pants. He is so into dinosaurs atm i just had to buy this marterial for him. Zach helped plan these pants by dictating how big and how many and where all 4 of his pockets needed to be placed.

Kaela had wanted dinosaur pants as well. I did not have enough material, let alone copy Zach's pants so i made her a cord pants and added dinosaur pockets and a dinosaur belt. I stayed up to past midnight the night before we went to the Royal Melbourne show as i knew she would want to wear her pants the same time as Zach did.

I found a lovely pattern that i need to search to remember where i found it from. The top part is knitted and obviously the bottom part of the dress is material. This dress is for a craft swap, that Kaela is modelling :)

2nd dress which is for a new baby that is also part of my craft swap present. I loved this material that i received from a FQ swap that i thought it would be lovely made into this dress.

And lastly a necklace i have made for the mummy of my craft swap. The bead shop near work has had a 50% off everything for ages now so i must ban myself before i buy out the shop! Told you, my newest addiction, especially with 50% off, now who can refuse that!

Friday, August 13, 2010

black denim

Latest creations... I have made Kaela a twirly skirt with her favourite colours.. black!!

And not to leave my little man out, i sewed a funky pair of pants.

Latest creations... I have made Kaela a twirly skirt with her favourite colours.. black!!

And not to leave my little man out, i sewed a funky pair of pants.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First week in Aug and i made....

First i made two mega lunch insulated bags. Kaela chose the alien material and Zach chose the bowling material

Secondly i made a twirly skirt, this is my first proper skirt i have made :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday sewing

I had a few hours alone so decided to make the kids some pants. Took me most the day in between kids pick ups and doing some cleaning i managed to finish and the kids could not wait to put them on.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doll kit as present

I nanny lovely twin girls who love their dolls but alas had no clothes for them, so for their birthday i decided to put together a doll bag with clothes. I took the girls for a trip to Rathdowne remants and allowed them to pick out two material choices.
Below is what i have made, i am very proud of the way they turned out. *Also most these pics are before i added buttons etc.

Bag and doll wrap

2 Tops and 2 pants

Top, skirt, bib, hat, nappy

Overalls and jumpsuit

Second lot is the same but diff material :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Craft Swap

My latest craft swap i decided to make a picnic/hop scotch rug. The material on the bottom is of the water proof nature well it feels like it lol. The top is made from a stretchy material a first for me to sew with. The rug has batting in the middle so is lovely and thick but not too thick.

Making this rug was a learning curve as i have never made anything this big. Add thread breaking, needle breaking and trying to sew the materials altogether was a new one for me. So i didn't want to look tooo closely at my stitching once it was complete lol. But i am very happy with the way it came out.

Unfortunately i am not sure when i can sew anything else until i can get my machine serviced as after this project i went to change thread in the bobbin to make Zach pj's and the machines timing went out. :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

now i can post my other creation

For the eb swap i made my partner a care package for their up coming birth of a little man, i also have a cousin who is due with her fist born son so i doubled up everything i made. So i had to wait till the eb swap was complete before showing my work.

These are wee tee pee's, found them on this site make it and love it and thought lol how cute.

Some burp cloths

Nappy bag that is lined with towelling

My Eb swap was Paris-stella and you can see the items i made for Jen on her blog