Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time to update again!

I've actually been fairly creative lately. Trying my hand at different projects. Which is good as when i am being creative my mind is stimulated and helps me get out of the depression phase. That and when i create i don't reach for comfort food. Here is some pics of what i have created. Minus some pj's i made for Zach.

This is my first pair of earrings i made! And the start of a new obsession lol

Zach wearing his new dinosaur pants. He is so into dinosaurs atm i just had to buy this marterial for him. Zach helped plan these pants by dictating how big and how many and where all 4 of his pockets needed to be placed.

Kaela had wanted dinosaur pants as well. I did not have enough material, let alone copy Zach's pants so i made her a cord pants and added dinosaur pockets and a dinosaur belt. I stayed up to past midnight the night before we went to the Royal Melbourne show as i knew she would want to wear her pants the same time as Zach did.

I found a lovely pattern that i need to search to remember where i found it from. The top part is knitted and obviously the bottom part of the dress is material. This dress is for a craft swap, that Kaela is modelling :)

2nd dress which is for a new baby that is also part of my craft swap present. I loved this material that i received from a FQ swap that i thought it would be lovely made into this dress.

And lastly a necklace i have made for the mummy of my craft swap. The bead shop near work has had a 50% off everything for ages now so i must ban myself before i buy out the shop! Told you, my newest addiction, especially with 50% off, now who can refuse that!

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